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HK HT HG Holden Nationals
Victoria 2023


2023 HKTG Nationals - Victoria

Well, it’s finally happened the baton to hold the KTG Nationals has been passed on to the HK HT HG Holden Owners Club of Victoria!

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting the 2023 HK HT HG Holden Nationals, on the majestic Surf Coast, which is the gateway to the Great Ocean Road, the home of the Historical town of Queenscliff and boasts some of the best beaches in Australia!

We know that everyone will be eager for a KTG getaway and we choose this location due to the wide range of accommodation, family friendly attractions, abundant natural beauty, and bucket list cruise routes. We really feel it will a trip of a lifetime.

We have had to get creative and rethink how we can hold an event in these challenging times and hope that you will join us. Watch this space as we are not quite ready to accept entrants just yet.

We will post more information here as it comes to hand and..

Until then KTG On!!


Q. You may be wondering why 2023?

A. From the beginning the KTG clubs of Australia agreed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of HK in Adelaide 2018, HT in Queensland 2019, HT HG at Bathurst 2020 and HG in 2021. After having these annual events it was always the plan to then continue bi-annually on the odd years so that we didn’t clash with the long running Monaro Nationals which is held every second year, the next one being held in Qld 2022. Locking in 2023 for Victoria will grant us the time for things to settle down :)

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